Monday, August 5, 2013

Update on the Blog Hops

Hello everyone,
We're interrupting the schedule with an apology and a little correction.
As many of you noticed, there have been gaps in the Hops, some now filled but some still not. We tried our very best to make sure that everything's working but some things are beyond our reach and all I can do is give my apologies for the confusion and extra time many of you took to keep checking back for the missing posts.

Lenet's and Teneale's blogs are sadly still missing and to avoid further confusion, I'm removing them from the blog hop list. The links to and from, on the participants' blogs will stay as they are but I crossed out these two blogs on the participants' lists and you don't need to leave comments on these any more.

All the other posts are up and running and you still need to make full rounds of comments, in order to be eligible for the prizes we're offering.

Further update:
We're receiving a lot of feedback from people having trouble linking up, especially when doing so with "-" in place of a URL (which makes it possible to link your name if you don't happen to have a blog).
This seems to be a InLinkz glitch that we have no control over, but I did hear from some that they succeeded after a couple of tries. If you're still unsuccessful, please email me your details at and I'll do it for you.

Thank you for bearing with us, we hope that no further disruptions will happen it the future.
Chupa and the Team


  1. everytime i respond to melisa conoly's blog i get a bounceback notice. it's a mail delivery failure. i just tried it again at 10 pm est. she has had 26 comments since yesterday.

  2. Chupa and the Team: you're doing a marvelous job! Investing time and energy in creating this series of hops for us, as well as ensuring 'fairness' for all is soooo appreciated! Huge applause for tackling such a project, and for dealing with the 'glitches' in a most timely fashion! "Bearing with you" - glad to do so, because all of you are fantastic!!

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  4. You all are doing a fabulous job! I have really enjoyed the blog hops!!!

  5. Hi! The blog hops have been so much fun, my head is buzzing with ideas!

    Unfortunately, Julia Stainton's spam filter is blocking my comment. I have already sent her a mail.

    Here is my comment and other details:

    'Wow! Lovely card. The layers are really amazingly beautiful! And I love that flower.'


  6. Nandini, some blogs have filters which prevent posting comments with links attached. If you remove your link, I'm sure it will accept the comment :)

  7. These hops have been wonderful! I've been back this morning, and hope I've found all the ones I was missing!

  8. Thanks Chupa! You are awesome!

  9. You're doing great. I know this is frustrating for you.

  10. Chupa thanks for the wonderful prizes and hops you put together to celebrate CASE Study's Anniversary. I loved seeing all the wonderful designs! Thanks for making CASE the best place to play! You ROCK Lady!!

  11. I think I got around them all and really enjoyed seeing not only the cards but also what inspired these talented crafters!

  12. I think I've completed the whole list and had a blast even made some cards as you've seen. So don't worry you put so much effort in this bloghop it's a huge succes. Thank you for the bloghop the prizes and for making case study one of the most inspiring places. Hopefully many more years to come.

  13. You all did an awesome job with the hop. I love it so much I just had to do some pinning. Will be great to go back to these blogs for some inspiration.

    Truly enjoyed hopping. An'Jenic-


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