Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Winners announced!

Another week has passed, with some super hard choices to be made... you guys are not making it easy on me! None the less, I LOVE the creativity of our players and I always can't wait for more. Looking forward to our last week with Teri already!!

Our winner for CSC129 is Taheerah from Fill Your Paper With the Breathings of Your Heart!!

Do you know what Taheerah used to make this super stylish card? Plastic strips recycled from a packaging! Um, hello?? Not only it's the coolest thing ever (not to mention, environment friendly), but they're also used on a totally fabulous layout. See those sequins too? Squeal :)

Our Top 3 winners are:

Michelle @ Stop & Stamp the Roses
Monika @ M.A.D. Stamper
Linda @  her Flickr Photostream

Congratulations, everyone!
Winners, feel free to grab your badges (right click & save onto your computer), and wear them proudly :)

Please check back tomorrow, to see what the last challenge with our February Muse brings!


  1. Hang on, wha? I won? I won?! I WON!!! OMG!!! Thank you *so* so so much!!! There were some amazing entries I was up against - cant believe it!! Congrats to the Top 3 girls as well! You ad better *believe* I will be sporting my badge with pride!! Thank you once again!!!

  2. Beautiful cards - congrats to the winners! Wanted to leave some love on Monika's blog, but could not get past the word verification - can anybody out there read this stuff???

    1. So it's not just me who squints at those word verification thingy-me-bobs and fails to get past them! I too have had to leave blogs without commenting due to them :(
      You're most certainly not alone with this problem on blogs!

    2. Thank you for visiting my blog and trying to leave a comment! I don't really like word verification and I turned it off for a while, but started to get way too many garbage comments and got tired of it... sorry for the inconvenience... and thanks again for visiting my blog.

  3. Such a well deserved win! I love the card and re-appropriation of what would otherwise be considered rubbish! (I'm a bit green you see!) congratulations to the top 3 girls as well - all beautiful entries! :)

  4. Thanks for the honor!! You made my day! Congrats to the winner and the other top 2. Have a wonderful day! :)


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