Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sneaky peek :)

It's a tradition that at the dawn of every new month, we're sharing a little clue towards who our next Muse will be. We're always having so much fun, reading your guesses (which are usually correct., mind you!), so let's build up the excitement once again!

I've got a feeling that this one's going to be all too easy to guess... am I right?? :)


  1. I know who this person is:) I very recently saw this card on Jay Gee's Nook. It is Angeline Yong Jeet leen, right? Cannot wait to play:)

  2. I had the same thought, "I just saw this photo" and yep, it's Angeline.

  3. Angelina! I am playing this week!

  4. ANgeline! I am so playing this month!!!


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