Wednesday, August 29, 2012

And the winners are...

Hi there! We almost made it to the end of our Anniversary month, only one challenge to go! Wow, the time flew by quickly... it certainly does when we're having fun :)
Once again, many thanks for all your interest in a Guest Designer spot!! I'm overwhelmed, humbled and immensely happy to see such enthusiasm. Look out for the invitation coming shortly, perhaps you way?? :)

Our winner for CSC105 is Pamela from Miao - A Design Blog!!

Pamela was inspired by the last week's winner, but boy... look where she took this card!! The other way around, this time she took a feminine design and gave it a masculine, edgy look. I encourage you too take a peek into her POST, to see how she created this amazing pattern. WOW to the max!!

Our Top 3 winners are:

Lalo @ Crafting in lala-land
JayTeeZe @ her Flickr Photostream
Julie @ Julie Makes Cards

Winners, feel free to grab your badges (right click & save onto your computer), and wear them proudly :)

Join us tomorrow, for the last installment of Anniversary fun!!


  1. Hehehehe, THANKS!!!! Can't wait for the next challenge :D

  2. Wow great card from pamela love it. And congrats to the others. Can't wait to see the next challenge.

  3. Congratulations to all this week's winners!!! I'm so honored that you picked my card as one of your top 3! Thank You!!!

  4. Pamela's card is AMAZING as always...That's why I cased her. Thanks for the top 3 too. Soooo in a way I guess Pamela won twice right :)


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