Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sneaky peek

With January coming to an end, you know it's time to give you a little peek into one of our next Muse's creations, that I'm sure we'll all have heaps of fun with! Here it is...

Do you have any ideas about who will greet us with her artwork next month?? Guess away, friends!


  1. Takie cudowne, przepiękne, wielowarstwowe kartki potrafi zrobić tylko Karola Witczak ; -) Wspaniały wybór! Muszę koniecznie znaleźć czas na Case Study w lutym!

    Huuuuuraaaaa! This is Karola Witczak!

  2. Oh my, that creation looks BEAUTIFUL. Now I really look forward to February :)

  3. Beautiful!! I can't help but think this is the work of Karola! I love her work!!

  4. My thought was Karola Witczak as well!! Her work is amazing!!

  5. Wow amazing I also think it's Karola she makes the most beautiful art.


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