Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sneaky peek!

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Hello, friends! Can you believe I totally forgot to post the sneak peek of our next Muse! Here it is...

Do you know WHO the talented lady is?? Any guesses, hmmm? :)


  1. Is it Sarah Martina Parker? Or is it Claire Brennan? I love both their work. Can't wait to see who it will be!

  2. Hmmmm could it be the amazing Betsy Veldman??

  3. This is Nina Brackett!!! Love her work! woo-hoo!!

  4. Nina Brackett for sure!!!!! She is so talented, everyone is in for a treat!

  5. Yes, I would also say this is Nina. She is the one that introduced me to this lovely hobby of making cards :)


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